All You Need To Learn About Welding Caps

All You Need To Learn About Welding Caps

Welding caps are designed in a manner that every welder stays safe from the spark. Traditionally it is stated that introduction of these caps was done right back by a mother who was concern about her son who was a welder. The designing of the cap is done in such a way – complete face including hairs and ears are covered. There are various designs, however some even often safety to the neck of the welder. Nowadays the market is filled with the best welding caps; welder can choose any one in accordance with their choice.

What to look for in welding cap?

There are some basic points that every single person should be keeping in their mind at the time of purchase. Under the light, if them making the purchase would be quite easy.

·         Cotton fabric should be used to make the cap.

·         The cap should definitely be two sided; the one side could be printed however the inner side should also be of the solid color. It makes the material thicker and lighter to wear.

·         The increasing counts of the panels make the cap better. It basically ensures a great fit on the head.

·         The cap should also be having an extra strip which works in order to cover the forehead and ears of the wearer. It is quite helpful in absorbing the sweat and avoids trickling.

·         It would be better if the thread used to stitch the cap is of cotton as any other thread would get burn easily.

·         The design of cap should be in such a way that neck gets covered with it.

Measurements of the caps

In case you are hustling to get the perfect size for yourself then the below stated table can help you out in it.

  Head Measurement
  7 1/8
 22 ½
  7 1/4
  7 3/8
 23 ¼
  7 1/2
 23 ¾
  7 3/4
 24 ½

There are few of the basic measurements; a person can choose the size of their cap according to the table.

At last

It is complete information about what makes the welding cap so important and how a person can buy the best one for them. In case you are a welder or wanted to be a welder then be sure about getting the caps as it will be serving you safety from sparks.